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a place for poetry

Another Lost Shark

the poems and other words of Graham Nunn

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the stanza

a little room for poetry and the writing life

Little Book Review

Picture Books for All

David J. Bauman

Co-author of Mapping the Valley

Reading Partisan Review: 1930s--1970s

metropolitan ideas. The life of an American Radical Intellectual Journal

The Russian Reader

News and views from (the) other Russia(n)(s)

The Untranslated

A blog about literature not yet available in English

"فما عادَ في الأرضِ مُتّسعٌ لنا"

مُدوّنة وفيقة المصري

Dan Powell

Reading. Writing. Teaching. Learning.

Reading in Translation

Translations Reviewed by Translators

Theater Talk News Update

What's happening on the most prestigious show about the world of the stage


"كان هكتور في قاع الموجة، الموجة التي كانت بنفسها في قاع المحيط، المحيط الذي كان بنفسه في قاع الكون ، ثمة أمر ما يجعله يشعر بأنه صغير"